Disclosure in alignment with Regulation (EU) 2019/2088

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR)

Integration of sustainability risks in the investment decision‐making process

PATRIZIA is committed to diligent integration of sustainability risks and climate change related risks and opportunities in the investment decision making process. The PATRIZIA Sustainability Strategy and the related sustainability targets are binding for all investment decisions of the Company. The PATRIZIA Responsible Investment Policy establishes principles and minimum standards and requirements along the investment decision process. Material sustainability risks and sustainability factors are identified in alignment with established regulatory requirements and industry standards and included in an obligatory due diligence checklist which is applied in every acquisition process for every investment. The results of the due diligence are taken into consideration in the investment decision‐making process.


Remuneration policy

The PATRIZIA Infrastructure remuneration policy outlines the importance of the consideration of ESG risks in the advancement of a career at PATRIZIA Infrastructure. It is important to PATRIZIA Infrastructure that all employees are fully aligned with the Responsible Investment Policy and adherence to such policy will be considered in every individual’s performance assessment. Such performance assessments will be linked to and impact the remuneration of employees.


Consideration of principal adverse sustainability impact

PATRIZIA Infrastructure do not currently consider the adverse impacts of investment decisions on sustainability factors within the meaning of the SFDR. While ESG considerations are integrated into PATRIZIA Infrastructure’s investment process as outlined in Responsible Investment Policy the detailed rules underlying the SFDR will require PATRIZIA Infrastructure to ascertain the availability of the data expected to be reported under the new requirements of the SFDR. As such, the position will continue to be monitored and reviewed by PATRIZIA Infrastructure as the underlying rules are finalised.


Where required, fund specific disclosures required in accordance with the SFDR will be made available in the data room and the investor portal for the relevant fund, as applicable.